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Fox News Article Features Zombies In The Park 2!

Fox News was nice enough to contact Mike Kurant who gave them the lo-down on on the Zombies In The Park II event. 

Check out the article here: Fox News

Joshua Rogers Graphic Design Interview

This past March I had the pleasure of interviewing Eastern High School student, Joshua Rogers. From this interview one can gather that he is a very hard worker and determined to be even more successful in the graphic design field.

"This one I really like because I had a lot of freedom to play with light and color. I feel like a lot of people use pre-made filters on their photography to make it look ethereal and surreal but nobody can truly imitate when a real person puts effort into adding emphasis where required and dancing the viewer's eye around the art. The person depicted is Chrystal Jordan of Anoxia who commissioned me to play with some of the photography from a recent photo shoot."

An Interview With Susan Detwiler

Susan Detwiler is an illustrator living and working in Baltimore. She has illustrated The First Teddy Bear by Helen Kay, One Wolf Howls by Scotti Cohn, and many of the Reading Roots Shared Stories series. For more information, visit her website here.

Andrea Gise & Dancers


I wanted to begin this article with some sort of inspiring quote or notion about the relationship between hard work and success; however, I truly think after reading about the many accomplishments Andrea Gise & Dancers have achieved, the ties are quite obvious; success cannot be handed to you. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner and creator of Andrea Gise & Dancers, Andrea Gise.



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