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Cartoon Monsters

 I draw the monsters from my nightmares, accompanied by a random or ironic catchphrase.


This is a short writing of mine that I made back in March. I was kind of frustrated with people in general, and some specific people as well. I'm kind of a shy person and I'll hide within myself sometimes, but I refuse to hide behind society or social contracts; that's what this is about...

dying fly by smutek

An audio piece depicting the short, unhappy life (and death) of a fly.

1:33 minutes (2.18 MB)

BaltimoreAMP Presentation at Mars Estates Elementary School

Fri, 07/17/2009 - 10:30am

Death Metal (2008)

Commentary on what I see as the comic absurdity of the death metal scene. Execution somewhat inspired by Bansky. 

Vertigo_Mix by smutek

Short drum and bass mix I put together last summer.

32:50 minutes (75.19 MB)

"Cosmic Jet Smack Maverick"... aka ..."Love Story"

"Self Portrait" (1994)

O'Donnell Heights Family Health Fair


Yesterday, the Baltimore AMP set up a table at the O'Donnell Heights Family Health Fair. Now, some of you may remember last October when we participated in the O'Donnell Heights Family Fun Day. We had set up a rhythm circle and art table for the kids... that event was a blast so I knew we were in for a treat with yesterday's health fair. 

Vacant Rooms

I want to write.
I want the words to flow out.
But maybe I don't want you to figure me out.
Don't you wish you could go back in time,
something as simple as pressing rewind.
Erase all the places you visited and the people you met.
The butterfly effect. No recollection of any of this.
It appears you've lost me and hate who you've become.
Your mind has never been so weak yet your heart beats strong.
I am a witness and a victim to my own crime.
They say living well is the best revenge, I digress.

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