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Storm The Beaches' EP Trailer

On February 5, 2010 Mark Mikina of Storm The Beaches will be performing a special acoustic set at The Underground. Here is a sneak peak behind his band's EP "Gifts From Sea" set to be released January 23, 2010. 

Mutual Friend

Here is another poem submitted anonymously by my friend. If you thought My Old Vineyard was metaphysical, think again. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

My Old Vineyard

Here is an anonymously submitted poem. Rather long, very metaphysical, one of my favorites from this young writer. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

Walking Made Fun


Baltimore AMP & NLI Research Institute, Japan

Baltimore Art & Music Project selected as a case study model by Japan's NLI Research Institute.

Nov. 30, 2009

Baltimore Art & Music Project is proud to announce that they were recently chosen by the NLI Research Institute in Japan to serve as a case study model that focuses on the efficacy of cultural community outreach programs and their importance in industrialized nations.

The endeavor, entitled "Research Project for Regional Revitalization through Arts and Culture," began in October of 2008 and was commissioned by the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities (JAFRA).

Chief researcher Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto recently visited the United States to study relevant American programs, one of which was Baltimore Art & Music Project.



Andrea Gise & Dancers


I wanted to begin this article with some sort of inspiring quote or notion about the relationship between hard work and success; however, I truly think after reading about the many accomplishments Andrea Gise & Dancers have achieved, the ties are quite obvious; success cannot be handed to you. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner and creator of Andrea Gise & Dancers, Andrea Gise.



Writing at the Underground

Run with me
Hand in hand
And leave our troubles
In the sand
For the ocean to wash away.

Didn't I Know You?


Dundalkappella 3!!

Check out our Dundalkappella site for event, tickets, artist info and more!



Dragging The Lake


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