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Past Events

"What Weekly" Article On Summer Solstice Festival

Many thanks to David London for the article on our Summer Solstice Festival published in "What Weekly"!
Click the link to check it out: Summer Solstice Festival

Easter Basket Workshop

This past Saturday, Eastside Family Resource Center made colorful and unique Easter baskets for such a joyous occasion! It sure looks like they had a fun time.

To see more photos from this event, please head on over to our Facebook page!

Zombies In The Park II

On October 15, 2011, zombie enthusiasts gathered at Dundalk Heritage Park for Zombies In The Park II. Games, contests, and other fun filled activities were had for all to enjoy. What a wonderful day of horror it was...

"Mixtum" at The Eastside Family Resource Center

Last Saturday Baltimore Art & Music Project teamed up with the creator of the board game "Mixtum" to provide the parents and children of the Family Resource Center a chance to play...

Needless to say it was a Hit!!!!
For more info about Mixtum be sure to check out the website:

T-shirts with Jennifer Harding at The Eastside Family Resource Center

Jennifer Harding spoke to the Eastside Family Resource Center about her Lee DeWyze series of paintings and the inspiration she achieves through his music. The kids looked over the paintings, as each one of the songs that inspired them played. The plan was to get them inspired to create their own art. Everyone was given their own t-shirts and art supplies to create a shirt.

Summer Solstice Festival 2011

Arts & Crafts at The Ateaze Senior Center

Baltimore Art & Music Project ventured over to the Ateaze Senior Center on August 4, 2011. Grandparents and their grandchildren were able to assist each other in making fabric pillows out of fabric, glue, ribbons and buttons for Arts & Crafts time.

The Underground's First Open Mic Night.

 On Friday, March 11th, BaltimoreAMP had our very own open mic night, for anyone with a desire to showcase their creative creations. Posted in the photo above, Mandy Buttrum shares one of her recently written songs. Check out more of our photos to see what went down.

O'Donnell Heights Day 2010

Mother Seton Academy Rhythm Exercise

BaltimoreAMP journeyed to Mother Seton Academy to bring everyone together through rhythm. Many instruments were introduced and a sense of accomplishment filled the room, as students and staff were able to make music by working together as a whole.

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