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BaltimoreAMP in the Park

BaltimoreAMP in the Park
Veterans Park - Historic Dundalk Main Street
Friday, September 4, 2009
Featuring: John Seay & Friends "Music for a Late Summer Evening"
7pm - 8:30pm
For more info:  410-288-0610

Fri, 09/04/2009 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

"Back to Woodstock" 40 Years Later!


To Benefit Baltimore Art & Music Project

Sat, 08/08/2009 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

dying fly by smutek

An audio piece depicting the short, unhappy life (and death) of a fly.

1:33 minutes (2.18 MB)

Dubbed Out - Rough Take 1 by smutek

This is a chill electronic track I made some time ago. The primary purpose of this upload is to test the audio module, but who knows, maybe you will enjoy it.

6:19 minutes (14.46 MB)
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