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Music Review

Open Mic Night Volume 2

Free Music Friday-The Everlove

Being a fan of their previous band Adelphi, I had very high expectations when I found out about members Ryan Keaton, Matt Thomas and Tom Haller forming The Everlove with Stan Trutsi whom was a member of my favorite late local band Boy Crazy. So in a sense, they had pretty large shoes to fill. Tough task? 

The Everlove blew me away with their captivating indie pop sound the moment I first heard them. 

Free Music Friday-Brighter Shades

Being an avid show goer and a supporter of local bands in the vast and popular Baltimore music scene, I have observed that it seems to be quite the uphill battle to stand out. However, this is not the case for Brighter Shades. 

Brighter Shades is a three piece unique pop band who capture a feeling that can very well be described from the title of their EP 'You Shine So Bright'.

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