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"Mixtum" at The Eastside Family Resource Center

Last Saturday Baltimore Art & Music Project teamed up with the creator of the board game "Mixtum" to provide the parents and children of the Family Resource Center a chance to play...

Needless to say it was a Hit!!!!
For more info about Mixtum be sure to check out the website:

Heather Joi...

Intrigued?... Want to see more?
Click Me: Heather Joi
And Me: Soulforms
Want to get up close and personal???

Hallway Observation

A hallway observation of CCBC Essex's art wing. Contrary to belief, the argyle socks are not a part of the drawing.

Atomic Hunchback Rabbit

Just a typical three eyed mutant rabbit  

Cartoon Monsters

 I draw the monsters from my nightmares, accompanied by a random or ironic catchphrase.

Bucket Head

Charcoal and eraser drawing I did a while back.

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