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Made in Photoshop by Kyle Schappell.
Submitted on 5/10/2010.

"Nuclear Cowboys & Bass Head Simians"

Mutual Friend

Here is another poem submitted anonymously by my friend. If you thought My Old Vineyard was metaphysical, think again. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

My Old Vineyard

Here is an anonymously submitted poem. Rather long, very metaphysical, one of my favorites from this young writer. (Read the poem by looking at the full view.)

Didn't I Know You?


Dragging The Lake


Yorkway (2008)


"Back to Woodstock" 40 Years Later!- Event photos!


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock,  Baltimore Art & Music Project held a Woodstock-themed fundraising event at the Hard Yacht Cafe in good 'ol Dundalk! The event was an absolute blast! We were blessed with awesome weather, a great crowd, rockin' music and some super-groovy energy from our supporters. I vote that we make this one an annual event!


"This operation has been abandoned once again.."

Atomic Hunchback Rabbit

Just a typical three eyed mutant rabbit  

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