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Free Music Friday-Brighter Shades

Being an avid show goer and a supporter of local bands in the vast and popular Baltimore music scene, I have observed that it seems to be quite the uphill battle to stand out. However, this is not the case for Brighter Shades. 

Brighter Shades is a three piece unique pop band who capture a feeling that can very well be described from the title of their EP 'You Shine So Bright'.

Although most reviews tend to not brush over a band's live performance, I believe Brighter Shades is worth mentioning. Between their funny banter in between songs and their wide arrange of instrumental capabilities, I have never been bored or letdown when Trevor Simpson, Matt Galler and Andrew Cohen take the stage.
Drawing influences from The Format and The Beach Boys, it's clearly evident while listening to their music, that this band is here to stay with a sound that is fun for all to enjoy. Their EP 'You Shine So Bright' is available to download for FREE on their website,
You can also check out the track in our audio section, here.

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