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Choose wisely, we have common enemies.

Let me set the scenery so you are able to see through all of this pre-constructed greed and bargain they call infamy. The binnacle is still unable to decide if you're worthy of the time it takes to explain however we're quite certain with this bottomry you've conducted that we're headed south. The hall is covered with fancy fancies circling pirouettes and the men are talking amongst themselves about strictly business, occasionally a disagreement with the Mrs. However tonight is extraordinary, the king and the thief are one in the same. The criminals would say it was most stunning. Even they've got class. Many acts in this place are near perfect but honestly we're closer to Hell. It's a goal to feel important but it's another to achieve the unachievable especially now that I'm finished with introductions...

So tell me are you a ghost? Are you just like me? Do you see things outside the box, not how they're normally perceived? You've been winning the audience over with the help of your campaign. It's a shame your claim to fame is a product of a ride on someone else's name. I would suggest keeping a barrier up from a dream and reality because nothing is ever real. It's all a figment of your imagination and the longer you keep playing, the harder you'll burn. But I've come prepared for this battle, this stampede,  armed to the teeth.
So darling dear, please proceed. We have to get out of here, we've got no time to rest. Grabbed the kerosene and lit the matches. We're gonna burn this town tonight and it's gonna make you feel so alive. Can you feel me? Are you still breathing? Is this fight we speak of a cry for attention? No, no we can't let this go. Brushed your eyelids with a speck of hope and any form of reconciliation with the alibis. We've made a deal. It's not who we were, it's who we are. I'll stay in this somber state til we find what we are looking for. Does your tongue taste bitter from all that you are holding back? All eyes are on you spread across the floor. The ballroom dancers even stopped dancing. If only they knew the normalcy of your daily routine for you to fake an anxiety attack. Send me back. I'd rather be on the front line they call living where the only prize is staying alive. 
I could tell from the beginning, before your demise, it would be your attitude that I despise. Even if I was aware of what I wanted to say, it doesn't mean I'll say it. Actually I feel the need to clarify so take off your top hat and sit down for a moment. Life is such a gamble and if our lives are nothing but a story-tale that exists, then you're going to be a part of it. The Captain's ship is still sinking and so is the economy. We'll go down with it. It's got an aftertaste, unlike previously it can be described as 'frayed nerves' but you don't care about anything other than what should have been. Is this tragic tale too sad for you to comprehend? The sadness of it all is that this is war and tomorrow we start brand new and do it all over again.

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