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Let's Change

 It is time for change
For years we have sat back & watched the terrors, destruction, & pain our fellow brothers have been through
The question I have for all of you is why?
Why allow death, why allow loved ones to get hurt, why disrespect your brothers & sisters that live among you?
It is time for change
Let us rid ourselves of the stereotypes, races, and the clicks we associate ourselves with
We shall use the tool of communication & the spread of word from mouth to mouth
Stand up and do something, who cares what the guy next to you thinks about you, you're doing what you believe in & that's what matters
It is time for change
Love, friendship, loyalty, respect, kindness; these are all things that should be going on within ourselves
It doesn't matter if you are black, white, yellow, orange, or blue; we are all the same, brothers on this crazy planet together
We have a sole purpose & that is change
It is time for change
We don't deserve to be in a place like this
Somewhere in the middle of the chaos, somewhere in the darkness of this lonely world there is a beam of light shining through the dark rain clouds
Let the light shine in, into your hearts it will go to join the game of change
It is time for change
Let us think to ourselves, think this is a wonderful world
We should be seeing our friends shaking hands saying "how do you do?", when really they should be saying "I love you"
It is time for change, come together

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Amen Brother!!!!

Amen Brother!!!!