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Death Row

 Welcome to death row
Where everyone is your bro
And the wait is long and slow
Welcome to death row
What is the crime you have committed?
For these shackles that bind me were not fitted
Don't expect any equality because it's not permitted
Welcome to death row
The pain I feel is so unbearable, I wish I was numb to it
It's hurting so bad I want to set this world on fire, I just need your help getting it lit
Don't you feel sorry for condemning an innocent man, just a little bit?
Welcome to death row
Here we go again, all these felons together on one bus
We are going to finish our community service
I'm not complaining, but the rest are making a big fuss
Welcome to death row
The line is long; I'm tired of waiting, let's butt to the front
I went for a home run and wound up with a bunt
There are no more needs just one big want
Welcome to death row
I want them to put me in the electric chair
I'm interested to see how much pain i can bear
They have flicked the switch and I'm burning like a road flare
Welcome to death row
This is a place where sins are never forgiven 
I'm looking for the answer, but the answer is carefully hidden
This horse is not for show; it's meant to be ridden
Welcome to death row
We are all living on death row, waiting for our day

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