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Vacant Rooms

I want to write.
I want the words to flow out.
But maybe I don't want you to figure me out.
Don't you wish you could go back in time,
something as simple as pressing rewind.
Erase all the places you visited and the people you met.
The butterfly effect. No recollection of any of this.
It appears you've lost me and hate who you've become.
Your mind has never been so weak yet your heart beats strong.
I am a witness and a victim to my own crime.
They say living well is the best revenge, I digress.
You become a different person than who you were.
I concur, were all just aimlessly awaiting someone to show,
days can be changed and outcomes can be rearranged.
Dreamed you had a shotgun wedding gleaming with an electric glow.
It rained photographs, with people you didn't know.
Sometimes it's scary. When all you want to know is the truth.
But the truth can hurt. I'm sure of that.
Would you rather be a forgotten alley cat or a frowned upon desert rat?
The story's not over, it's just the beginning.
A sad yet shaky start but let's hope for a happy ending.

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Woodstock 40th Year Anniversary

Hi, I'm an essayist in the new book Woodstock Revisited, which has been named the top of the 8 books released this summer about Woodstock.

Our website is eager for comments, if you were there or have a take on it that you'd like to write down. The Anchor Honkling Library will be having an event on the 28th of August, but I was wondering if you would like an advance copy.

Sorry to be contacting you so late in the summer. I hope you'll be interested in this project as it is the only book with real stories from real people who were there, including Lisa Law--Flashing on the Sixties documentary--and other high profile writers and activists.

Thank you,
Michele Hax if you want to contact me.