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Artist Profile: Jennifer Stephens aka "Marigold Bumbleroot"

"Jennifer Stephens performs as Marigold Bumbleroot: the flighty, random, slightly silly, bright and bubbly Bubble Faerie. She crafts great glorious orbs of soapy wonder with her hands, and a bit of Faerie magic. When she’s not slinging her hands and wands in her special soap, she can be found hovering in the kitchen waiting for fresh cupcakes and cookies, or taking a nap in the hammock after an exhausting mission to find clovers and acorns. She is most proud of her collection of bits and baubles that she fashions into funky finery for fae and mortal alike."
To see Ms. Bumbleroot in the flesh, be sure to attend Baltimore Art & Music Project's 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Festival!!!







Ms. Marigold Bumbleroot appears to be a sweet and unique snowflake!!! I can't wait to meet her.

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