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Baltimore AMP & NLI Research Institute, Japan

Baltimore Art & Music Project selected as a case study model by Japan's NLI Research Institute.

Nov. 30, 2009 - Baltimore Art & Music Project is proud to announce that they were recently chosen by the NLI Research Institute in Japan to serve as a case study model that focuses on the efficacy of cultural community outreach programs and their importance in industrialized nations. The endeavor, entitled "Research Project for Regional Revitalization through Arts and Culture," began in October of 2008 and was commissioned by the Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities (JAFRA). Chief researcher Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto recently visited the United States to study relevant American programs, one of which was Baltimore Art & Music Project.

The research project aims to identify the new directions, strategies and vision in implementing the arts in traditionally non-art fields and implementing them into current cultural outreach programs active in Japan. Mr. Yoshimoto discovered the work of Baltimore Art & Music Project while conducting research online. He was impressed with the organization's mission, as well as their hands-on approach to delivering community-based outreach programs, and met with representatives in Baltimore to further study the techniques the organization utilizes. "I was very happy to come across this program," stated Mr. Yoshimoto.

Once completed, the results of the research project will be made available to local governments and public cultural institutions in Japan. JAFRA intends to promote various activities of regional development/regeneration through art and culture in conjunction with the release of the report.



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