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Free Music Friday-The Everlove

Being a fan of their previous band Adelphi, I had very high expectations when I found out about members Ryan Keaton, Matt Thomas and Tom Haller forming The Everlove with Stan Trutsi whom was a member of my favorite late local band Boy Crazy. So in a sense, they had pretty large shoes to fill. Tough task? 

The Everlove blew me away with their captivating indie pop sound the moment I first heard them. 

The Everlove has this genius quality where most bands strive to excel in combining catchy hooks with well thought out lyrics. It's very hard to pick a stand out track on their latest EP because they're all so great. However, my two favorite tracks are 'Dancin' With Defeat' and 'Feel So Alive.'
Their EP is available to download for FREE on their myspace
You can also check out the track in our audio section, here.

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