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Art, poetry, rants and raves by our staff

Writing at the Underground

Run with me
Hand in hand
And leave our troubles
In the sand
For the ocean to wash away.

Didn't I Know You?


Dundalkappella 3!!

Check out our Dundalkappella site for event, tickets, artist info and more!



Dragging The Lake


Free Music Friday-The Everlove

Being a fan of their previous band Adelphi, I had very high expectations when I found out about members Ryan Keaton, Matt Thomas and Tom Haller forming The Everlove with Stan Trutsi whom was a member of my favorite late local band Boy Crazy. So in a sense, they had pretty large shoes to fill. Tough task? 

The Everlove blew me away with their captivating indie pop sound the moment I first heard them. 

Yorkway (2008)


John Seay & Friends: Music For a Late Summer Evening

Last Friday, Baltimore Art & Music Project put on another great "Concert in the Park" featuring the musical entertainment of John Seay & Friends. 


Free Music Friday-Brighter Shades

Being an avid show goer and a supporter of local bands in the vast and popular Baltimore music scene, I have observed that it seems to be quite the uphill battle to stand out. However, this is not the case for Brighter Shades. 

Brighter Shades is a three piece unique pop band who capture a feeling that can very well be described from the title of their EP 'You Shine So Bright'.

"Back to Woodstock" 40 Years Later!- Event photos!


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock,  Baltimore Art & Music Project held a Woodstock-themed fundraising event at the Hard Yacht Cafe in good 'ol Dundalk! The event was an absolute blast! We were blessed with awesome weather, a great crowd, rockin' music and some super-groovy energy from our supporters. I vote that we make this one an annual event!

BaltimoreAMP at Baltimore Women's Classic 5K!

Back in June, Baltimore Art & Music Project participated in the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K race at the Museum of Industry in Locust Point for the 3rd consecutive year.......... musicians Uncle Moldy's House of Socks, Bill Jamieson, Megs Bowen, Dan Houtz & Jack Treiber lined the streets to provide musical encouragement for the runners. 

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