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Art, poetry, rants and raves by our staff

O'Donnell Heights Day 2010

Ghosts in the Machine


Because things aren't always what they seem...

Mother Seton Academy Rhythm Exercise

BaltimoreAMP journeyed to Mother Seton Academy to bring everyone together through rhythm. Many instruments were introduced and a sense of accomplishment filled the room, as students and staff were able to make music by working together as a whole.

O'Donnell Heights Family Fun Day 2010

In October, Baltimore Art and Music Project had the pleasure of incorpating rhythm instruments at the O'Donnell Heights Family Fun day. As you can see, it really was fun for all ages.

Three Upcoming Underground Events!

Info: 3 Underground Concerts!

Annual Fund Drive 2010

Dear Friend of Baltimore Art & Music Project:

December 2010 will mark our 16th anniversary!  As many nonprofits have experienced, it has been a challenging year financially for BaltimoreAMP.  More than half our operating budget was cut for FY10, but we will not give up!  Our mission and programming continues to provide “the arts” as an all-inclusive means for individuals to express themselves and for communities to be strengthened and revitalized. 

During these difficult times we are truly in the business of creating moments, moments of creative release that bring imagination, inspiration and hope through art and music.  There is a universal response to the anticipation of an event; the individual must feel good about who they are and where they live.  The arts become that healing power that fosters creative talent, raises social consciousness, promotes civic responsibility, community service and pride.

Your support continues to make all the difference in being able to provide cultural outreach to communities and individuals who traditionally feel excluded from the arts sector.


Hope You Had a Happy Halloween

Zombies In The Park: We survived the apocalypse!

On Friday October 15th, Dundalk Veteran's Park was invaded by over 150 zombies! Luckily for BaltimoreAMP, some of us made it out alive, so we can let you know of the great time we had. 

Underground Concert

The Underground - "Artists Helping The Family Crisis Center"
Doors Open 7pm      Ages 14+
$5 Admission or $3 with donation of package of toilet paper.


Becoming a zombie in less than 10 minutes!!!!

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