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Vertigo_Mix by smutek

Short drum and bass mix I put together last summer.

I usually don't mix drum and bass but one day I thought I would step out of my 4/4 comfort zone and try my hand at a short, impromptu drum and bass mix. I headed over to and bought 7 tracks I liked, fired up the turntables and my serato box and threw this together. I'd only briefly previewed the tracks before making the mix and did this on one take with no edits, so it's a little gritty in places, but still worth a listen.

In tribute and loving memory of my good friend Josh Smith, aka Dj Vertigo.

Track listing:


  1. The Awakening - Original Mix : Hive & Gridlok
  2. Witch Hunt - Ctrl-S Remix : Gridlok, Controlled Substance
  3. Hollywood feat. Elhornet Of Pendulum - Original Mix : Gridlok
  4. Prophecy - Original Mix : Rusher
  5. Exaline - Original Mix : Nine Elms
  6. Dark And Blue - Original Mix : Maztek
  7. Claws - Original Mix : Dizplay


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