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Joshua Rogers Graphic Design Interview

This past March I had the pleasure of interviewing Eastern High School student, Joshua Rogers. From this interview one can gather that he is a very hard worker and determined to be even more successful in the graphic design field.

"This one I really like because I had a lot of freedom to play with light and color. I feel like a lot of people use pre-made filters on their photography to make it look ethereal and surreal but nobody can truly imitate when a real person puts effort into adding emphasis where required and dancing the viewer's eye around the art. The person depicted is Chrystal Jordan of Anoxia who commissioned me to play with some of the photography from a recent photo shoot."

Tell us a little about yourself, how old are you, and what made you interested in graphic design???
I'm seventeen, but I started learning graphic design seriously at about fourteen, I always liked messing around with making forum signatures and just tiny things for fun. Generally I viewed the whole Photoshop and Illustrator thing as more of a part-time hobby, but I started doing it more and more and at some point realized I had a pretty nifty natural talent. The idea that I can make a career out of doing something I love, like creating art, still blows my mind.

Could you describe your favorite piece, and the process of the creation???
I'd have to say that my favorite piece I've worked on would be a CD Cover Project in the beginning of my junior year. The central focus of the project was to create a small piece of art with a theme that suited the type of music we liked, and from there create a full scale album based around a fictional band in that genre. It really grew on me over time, and I would work hours after school, making everything perfect, for almost a month. I still remember how awesome it felt to have something printed in hard copy, just seeing it come to life when everything was finally assembled. It was the most difficult, time-consuming, ridiculously long piece I've ever worked on, but by far my favorite.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who would be interested in pursuing graphic design???
Coffee is your best friend and always, ALWAYS back-up your work. Seriously though, graphic design is all abstract thinking and problem solving tactics, if it's too easy you're not growing. Challenge yourself with different styles, types of art, mediums, and always have a good time with it. The second you stop having fun with it, you need to change up your game.??

Expressing yourself through art, is there anything you have gained that you didn't expect when you started???
I've actually learned a lot about myself from art, mainly regarding my potential and how easily my mood can become reflected in my work. If I'm stressed out or frustrated I get sloppy and messy, and my work reflects whatever combination of anger and apathy I'm feeling at the time. But if I'm having an awesome day, where everything is going right, everything just sort of flows together and looks wonderful. I've also been able to see how hard work and dedication can definitely pay off in the end. Seeing my older work, compared to more recent projects, reminds me how much I've grown in the past years in graphic design. The change kind of freaks me out, but I'm still growing all the time and graphic design will hopefully keep shaping me, and teaching me, more about myself for a very long time.

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